MOLLII – Help for

The Haus Sankt Lukas - Institute for Outpatient Neurorehabilitation presents a new form of help for people with neurological impairments with the Mollii suit.

The Mollii suit was developed in 2012 by Sweden's Fredrik Lundqvist and can help to reduce unwanted reflexes and stiffness. This allows a physically optimized mobility.

The suit is used for supportive therapy:

  • cerebral paralysis
  • acquired brain damage
  • spinal injuries
  • spasticity
  • apoplexy

Everything without drug side effects.


Mollii training takes between one and two hours. The patients experience thereby a soothing relaxation effect of their musculature. At the same time he is stabilized body. This help is suitable for adults as well as for children. A Mollii suit can be purchased for home therapy at Haus Sankt Lukas. Each suit is and will be customized.

On our facebook-page you can watch a documentation of the national austrian broadcasting station ORF describing this new kind of help.

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 In our facility our medical colleagues will find some of the most modern rehabilitative technologies of our time. They are usually only available at in-patient rehabilitation centres.

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You can use our facility’s top-quality services on the reference from your family doctor, specialist or a hospital or on a purely private basis. You can set appointments with our specialists at any time.

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As our health care system does not pay for all the necessary therapeutic services, Haus Sankt Lukas now offers free therapy for younger children.

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