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Many people can hardly sleep due to tormenting pain in their nerves. This so-called “Polyneuropathy” can be fought with high tone therapy. High tone therapy stimulates the nerves and muscles and has an intensive effect on the cellular metabolism. From a technical perspective high tone therapy is a refinement of classical electro-therapy and works using a specially modulated mid-range frequency. Among the things that can trigger polyneuropathy (a tormenting nerve disease) are diabetes, chemotherapy, infectious diseases, kidney function disorders and alcohol abuse. High-tone therapy is used to pursue a multitude of medical treatment goals successfully. For example:

  • To accelerate healing processes, e.g. after broken bones, 
  • To regain muscle strength after periods of paralysis or prolonged bed rest, 
  • To prevent thromboses caused by muscle, most of all in the legs after long periods of compulsory bed rest, 
  • For diseases of the nervous system, 
  • For mobility therapy for older patients who have been bed-ridden

High-tone therapy is among the most modern and versatile approaches to treatment. Depending on the modality, it can be used to treat polyneuropathies, lipolysis treatment (weight reduction, figure improvement).

With high tone therapy, energy is fed into the body to activate the cells and re-vitalise the body. This energy generates resonances that cause vibrations in the tissue structures. The objective is to stimulate the metabolism and alleviate the pain.
Middle frequency alternating current

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 In our facility our medical colleagues will find some of the most modern rehabilitative technologies of our time. They are usually only available at in-patient rehabilitation centres.

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You can use our facility’s top-quality services on the reference from your family doctor, specialist or a hospital or on a purely private basis. You can set appointments with our specialists at any time.

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As our health care system does not pay for all the necessary therapeutic services, Haus Sankt Lukas now offers free therapy for younger children.

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