Ergo-therapy is a decisively effective measure for the successful treatment and rehabilitation of persons who are ill, handicapped, or have need of nursing care. It can support and benefit persons of any age who are limited in their range of physical capabilities or are threatened by such limitations. The objective is to make it possible for them to return to autonomous participation in everyday life. Disease profiles that it works well with include: active and passive mobility problems, pain, posture problems, muscular insufficiency and shortening, contractions/scarring, local disruptions to circulation and regulation or somatosensory disorder. The following services are included in measures used in Ergo-therapy:

  • Treatment for motor-function disorders
  • Treatment for sensory-motor, perceptive disorders
  • Ergo-therapeutic brain performance training
  • Neuropsychological oriented treatment
  • Treatment for psychic-functional disorders

The following capabilities are treated in the field of Ergo-therapy:

  • Training in physical actions relevant to everyday life such as personal hygiene, dressing and undressing, eating, communication, organisation of daily routines
  • Training attentiveness
  • Concentration
  • Endurance
  • Load-bearing capacity
  • Drive
  • Motivation

Ergo-therapy is suitable for children and adults alike. In order to set the stage for good and rapid progress in speech therapy, the mothers of my child patients and adult patients are trained in exercises that they can do on their own at home.

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 In our facility our medical colleagues will find some of the most modern rehabilitative technologies of our time. They are usually only available at in-patient rehabilitation centres.

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You can use our facility’s top-quality services on the reference from your family doctor, specialist or a hospital or on a purely private basis. You can set appointments with our specialists at any time.

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As our health care system does not pay for all the necessary therapeutic services, Haus Sankt Lukas now offers free therapy for younger children.

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