Haus Sankt Lukas is one of the most modern ambulatory Rehabilitation-centres in Europe. Our aim is to help as many neurologically impaired patients as possible. Our actions are based on the firm conviction that all patients deserve the best state-of-the-art treatment in existence - and not “the cheapest”. It is sad truth that many necessary and excellent treatment options are not covered by health insurance companies in Europe. Due to this fact many children suffering under neurological conditions will not be able to develop the full range of recovery possible today. We need donations in order, to make treatment possible for those who cannot afford a modern out-patient treatment. It is our human duty to give them the best possible treatment, the best possible future, the best possible help!

Comfortably and fast with PAYPAL!

With a donation as a convenient online transfer, you can make valuable neurological therapies in Haus Sankt Lukas possible with just a few clicks. Even with small donations from 1, - EURO you give many children new hope. In addition, here you will find the opportunity to conveniently set up standing orders. You can choose between one-time or monthly payment.
Bank Transfer
With a donation as a bank transfer you enable children a lasting neurological therapy in the house Sankt Lukas. Already with small donations starting from 5, - Euro per month you enable the partly cost-intensive treatments and give new hope to children.

IBAN: AT16 2040 4000 4201 6386
Subject: Hope child rehabilitation


 In our facility our medical colleagues will find some of the most modern rehabilitative technologies of our time. They are usually only available at in-patient rehabilitation centres.

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You can use our facility’s top-quality services on the reference from your family doctor, specialist or a hospital or on a purely private basis. You can set appointments with our specialists at any time.

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As our health care system does not pay for all the necessary therapeutic services, Haus Sankt Lukas now offers free therapy for younger children.

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