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HAUS ST. LUKAS Institute for neuro-rehabilitation

We are specialists in the field of out-patient neuro-rehabilition, paediatric rehabilitation, medical training therapy and geriatrics. 


The focal points of neurorehabilitation are exercise therapies such as physiotherapy, ergotherapy or speech therapy ...

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Our central location enables children and adolescents to remain in their accustomed environment ...

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Cognitive therapies for geriatric patients in a weak condition following operations or severe illnesses ...

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Active living environment

You remain at home and visit our facility during the day. The rehabilitation day program is aligned with your individual situation. After operations or in case of chronic illnesses, we assist you to integrate yourself rapidly into your usual vocational and private environment.

State-of-the-art medical technology

Robot-assisted training devices such as the Lokomot (gait rehabilitation), Armeo Pedeatric (especially designed for children with neurologically-related movement disorders of the hand and arm functions) facilitate fast therapeutic progress.

Interdisciplinary therapies

Our wide range of treatments permit interdisciplinary therapies. Specialist physicians and general practitioners, in part with special training, are employed here. Psychotherapists, physiotherapists, ergotherapists, speech therapists, care employees and medical masseurs collaborate closely to ensure the success of your therapy.

Free therapy for children

Our aim is to help as many neurologically impaired children as possible. We therefore ask for donations in order to be able to help those who are unable to afford their own modern outpatient therapy. Because it is our human duty to treat and support all children equally! Already with small monthly donations you enable the cost intensive treatments and thus give children new hope.

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 In our facility our medical colleagues will find some of the most modern rehabilitative technologies of our time. They are usually only available at in-patient rehabilitation centres.

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You can use our facility’s top-quality services on the reference from your family doctor, specialist or a hospital or on a purely private basis. You can set appointments with our specialists at any time.

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As our health care system does not pay for all the necessary therapeutic services, Haus Sankt Lukas now offers free therapy for younger children.

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